Our Family Homes

Family Home Medical has a strong belief in allowing our seniors a choice when it comes to living out the remainder of their years.  With that conviction, Family Home Medical is now offering an alternative to nursing home placement. “Our Family Homes” is an … More

Hospice Care

Our licensed, Medicare-certified Hospice Program goes above and beyond basic physical care and support to promote the total well-being of both patient and family.  We are staffed by skilled hospice professionals that specialize in caring for people at the … More

Personal Care

Family Home Medical understands that the needs of our seniors are unique in that many have such a strong sense of growing up in the coal region and being independent that when help is needed, it is sometimes met with resistance. Our home health aides and … More

Home Health Care

Our registered nurses evaluate patient needs and work with the family physician to provide specialized care.  Each patient’s medication list is monitored and the primary physician is alerted as to any adverse reactions. Once a comprehensive plan-of-care is in place, … More