WE HONOR VETERANS PROGRAM: Family Home Medical is proud to be a member of the WHV Program which focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement to better serve our nation’s Veterans at their end-of-life.

Since most veterans are not enrolled in the VA healthcare system, many may not be aware of their VA Hospice benefits.

For more information, contact Family Home Medical’s Hospice Program or visit or contact [email protected]

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program – We are always looking for Veterans who will volunteer their time to sit with an end-of-life Veteran enrolled in our Hospice Program. Once paired with hospice veteran patients, the Veteran Volunteers will have the unique ability to relate and connect with each patient in their own common language and military experience.







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Our Speakers: Kathleen Hoffman, Kelly Macieunas

As the Chief Operating Officer of Family Home Medical and with over 15 years of experience in home health care, Kathleen Hoffman specializes in wounds, ostomy management, continence care and foot care.  Kathleen received her Masters in Nursing from Drexel University and her Bachelors in Nursing from Hahnemann University.

Some topics that Kathleen can come speak about:

Wound care
Ostomy management
Footcare (including diabetic care and current treatments)
Home Health

Home safety for family members

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Kelly Macieunas, OTRIL

Kelly has received a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Misericordia College and has 17 years of experience in multiple therapy settings including Acute Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Home, Outpatient Services and Home Health.

Some topics that Kelly can come speak about is:

Fall Safety
Energy Conservation
Activities of Daily Living
Therapeutic Exercise
Adapting Environment
Work Simplification


Home Health Care

Our registered nurses evaluate patient needs and work with the family physician to provide specialized care.  Each patient’s medication list is monitored and the primary physician is alerted as to any adverse reactions. Once a comprehensive plan-of-care is in place, the patient and family is educated about the specifics of a condition or disease, instructed how to recognize warning symptoms and when to contact the nurse, thereby, keeping readmissions to a hospital or rehabilitation facility at a minimum.

Family Home Medical is the only home health agency in the area to employ a full time certified wound, ostomy, foot care and continence nurse.










Pain Mangement

Our Hospice team receives orders from the patient’s attending physician and will address any pain or symptom issues.  By providing proper pain and symptom control, Hospice can enable the individual to live as fully and comfortably as possible.

Family Home Medical encourages mature individuals to volunteer their time to assist with in-home patient companionship services  If you are interested in a very rewarding opportunity, please contact Denise Kijewski or Jaime Wolfgang at Family Home Medical.










End of Life Care

Hospice affirms life and considers dying a normal process. It focuses on quality of life rather than length and doesn’t engage in any practices that would either hasten or postpone the dying process.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of an attending physician to evaluate and direct your care; the hospice nurse will manage pain and disease symptoms; our social worker assesses the emotional and practical needs of both patient and family; a spiritual counselor supports both the patient and family in coping with emotional pain and spiritual issues; aides/homemakers provide personal care for the patient; volunteers provide personal companionship and emotional support for both patient and family and can also provide respite care; and a physical, occupational or speech therapist is available to facilitate communication, mobility and safety issues.










Bereavement Counseling

Assists the family members, caregivers and significant others in coping with issues related to loss both before and after the death of their loved ones for a period 13 months by a variety of means including mailings, visits, phone calls and support groups.











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