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Skilled Nursing

Our registered nurses evaluate patient needs, changes dressings, obtain lab samples, check vital signs, and gives necessary instructions to patients and caregivers at home.  On a broader scale, the Registered Nurse also observes the patient’s response to medications, helps establish an ongoing plan of care, and educates the patient about his or her condition.  We employ a Certified Wound, Ostomy, Foot Care, and Continence Nurse on our full time staff.

Physical Therapy

A licensed Physical Therapist assists patients with their prescribed exercise regimen and instructs them in the use of adaptive equipment designed to improve their mobility and independence at home.

Occupational Therapy

A licensed Occupational Therapist assists patients in learning to manage their activities of daily living, teaching self-care skills, and recommending and providing instruction for applicable assistive devices.

Speech Therapy

A licensed Speech Therapist works to improve oral-motor function for patients who have difficulty swallowing or speaking.

Home Health Aids

A Home Health Aide provides personal care services that include bathing, grooming.

Special Services

Family Home Medical provides many other types of state of the art care, including:

IV Therapy

Pain Management

Certified Ostomy Management

Certified Incontinence Management

Certified Wound Care Management

Diabetic Management & Education

Cardiac Disease Management

Education for Patients, Families, and Caregives

Foot Care and Assessment (the only Home Health Agency in the Area to provide)